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Please contact our Customer Service Team if you do not have a code, and we will be happy to help.


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Through this page you can order a teaching laptop or Chromebook. Do you do that through the school? Then you received a code. You can enter this code to see the devices from your school. If you don't know the code of your school, just ask us in the chat or by phone!


Would you like to see our older devices? You can do that in this webshop! Here you will find devices at a great price, with all specifications included. You can always ask questions via support@rentcompany.be



Why clients choose us

  • Service, warranty and insurance always included
  • Rent or Purchase, anyone can participate
  • Affordable laptops & accessories
  • Cover in case of damage & theft
  • A single point of contact

All-in-one subscription

The pupil and his device? They form an inseparable combination. There is a challenge, however, namely intensive use. That is why the Rent Company offers education laptops in an Easy4u subscription including service. The education laptops are equipped with a sturdy housing, rubber bumpers, extra powerful batteries and the right WiFi card.

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