Introducing digital education involves a great deal of work. We have developed the Easy4u platform to ensure that it runs as smoothly and carefully as possible for the educational institution. From this platform, all the processes below are arranged for the educational institution.

1.  Communication

Clear and unambiguous communication to parents/educators is important. This also applies to providing information about digitisation at the educational institution. Through our presence on open days and information evenings, we inform the parents/educators about our offer and services. In addition, we provide an introductory flyer so that it is clear what digitisation in education means and what The Rent Company has to offer in this respect.

2.  Ordering

To ensure that the ordering process runs as smoothly as possible, we follow clear steps. This ensures that the parents/educators are properly and carefully informed about the specific offer of the educational institution and the way in which they can order a laptop from The Rent Company.

3.  Configuring

In order to ensure an optimal start of the new school year with a laptop, we provide a basic installation or domain registration tailored to the educational institution with the corresponding laptop and user data. These data are necessary for a good implementation within the school domain. In addition, the laptops are delivered in a moisture-resistant protective sleeve for optimal protection.

4.  Delivery

In order to relieve the burden on the educational institution during the start of the new school year, we make sure that all laptops at school are handed over to the students. This way, the educational institution does not have to worry about this. The laptops are delivered in the name of the student. After delivery of the laptop to the pupil, the parents/educators immediately receive an email with signed packing slip of the delivery of the laptop and any accessories.

5.  Service & Damage & Theft Coverage

Due to the intensive use of the laptop, proper service & damage- and theft coverage is essential. In order to ensure that the pupil always has a laptop at his disposal, even in the event of repair or damage, replacement equipment is available at the educational institution. The Rent Company takes care of the entire process with the parents/ educators without the intervention of the educational institution. In this way, the pupil always has access to digital education.

Why clients choose us

  • Replacement devices at school in the event of repairs
  • Deliveries at school by TRC's own employees
  • Simple ordering process in the school's own webshop
  • School-specific order flyer and laptop brochure
  • Presence on open days and information evenings
  • Clear and unambiguous communication to parents

What we do

Our mission is to make digital education accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this by means of our full-service Easy4u subscription.

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All-in-one subscription

The pupil and his device? They form an inseparable combination. There is a challenge, however, namely intensive use. That is why the Rent Company offers education laptops in an Easy4u subscription including service. The education laptops are equipped with a sturdy housing, rubber bumpers, extra powerful batteries and the right WiFi card.

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