We make digital education accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this via our Easy4u service subscription for laptops. Purchase or rental, service and insurance are all arranged in one go. Every day, more than 200,000 Belgian and Dutch pupils and their parents count on us for a well-functioning laptop at school.

We do this with over 80 employees at our branches in Lubbeek, 's Hertogenbosch, Mijdrecht, Raalter, Schagen, Terneuzen and at over 550 school locations throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. We stand for accessibility, convenience, first-class service and always improving. Over the past few years, we have grown strongly, which is why we are always looking for enthusiastic colleagues.

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All-in-one subscription

The pupil and his device? They form an inseparable combination. There is a challenge, however, namely intensive use. That is why the Rent Company offers education laptops in an Easy4u subscription including service. The education laptops are equipped with a sturdy housing, rubber bumpers, extra powerful batteries and the right WiFi card.

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