Laptop Carts

Secures, loads, transports and manages a large number of devices.

The Dell Mobile Computing Cart allows you to securely store, easily transport, centrally charge and manage mobile computers. Ideal for schools and libraries with a limited number of IT staff or changing infrastructure. This Computing Cart makes it easy to share and move IT equipment between rooms. It's also an enclosed space where you can store and charge up to 36 devices after school hours.

Space for up to 36 mobile devices

The Dell Mobile Computing Cart lets you store, charge, manage and transport up to 30 mobile devices at once. The horizontal shelves fit most laptops up to 14 inches. The open shelf provides flexible storage for devices from Dell and other vendors of different sizes and screen sizes so you can quickly respond to the changing needs of your organisation.

The Cart is equipped with the docking charging unit. The docking charging unit is the most effective solution for charging Dell notebooks. The functional slide-in system allows for immediate charging and easy storage of a notebook. No tangle of cables and it is clearly visible whether a system is charged.

Attention: this docking unit only works with 11.6 and 13.3 inch devices. The 14.0-inch devices cannot be automatically docked.

Lockable metal doors secure equipment

This Dell Computing Cart is accessible from two sides and is secured by metal doors with a lock (locks and keys are included). The doors slide open from two sides so that the 15 systems are easily accessible from both sides and less space is required to place or grab the devices.

Compact design for small spaces

Measuring just 1060 mm, 640 mm, 940 mm (W x L x H), this Computing Cart takes up little space so you can easily manoeuvre when handing out the laptops. The cart is mainly made of aluminium materials and has double 4-inch rubber wheels of medical quality and an ergonomic handle. It is not only light but also easy to push.

PowerShuttle technology for loading devices

When you connect the Computing Cart to a wall outlet, Power Shuttle technology calculates how much charging power is required for the devices connected to the car and gives each charging zone the power it needs. This prevents empty zones from being charged, which saves energy and speeds up the charging of devices.

There are also two sockets for two additional devices, such as projectors or laptops. The clearly visible LED indicators show whether the car is receiving mains power, whether the power supply for the Aux outputs is switched on, which zones are receiving power and whether the car is not too hot.