Subscription and Easy4u
Subscription and Easy4u
Repairs and warranties
Repairs and warranties
Technical support
Technical support

Questions about Delivery

When will my laptop be delivered?

You will be notified by us a few days before the delivery of your laptop or Chromebook. This message will state the method of delivery (at school or at home) and the date.

You haven't heard anything yet? Nothing to worry about. We always communicate this a few days in advance. To be sure, also check your junk mail, especially if you use Hotmail.

Still have questions about the delivery? Click here to contact our customer service.

How will my laptop be delivered?

We have made arrangements with your school or educational institution for the delivery of your laptop or Chromebook. This can be done in three different ways:

- A delivery at school. We are present at school and hand you the laptop or Chromebook.

- A delivery at school. We deliver the laptops to the school, and they arrange the distribution.

- Shipping to home address. We send the laptop or Chromebook directly to your home address.

Please note: It is not possible to select a type of delivery yourself

We'll send you information about how your laptop or Chromebook will be delivered. You will receive this information a few days before delivery. So keep an eye on your mailbox! Also, be sure to check your junk mail, especially if you use Hotmail.

Can my order be delivered earlier?

We have made arrangements with the school about the delivery, and we cannot deviate from this. So it is not possible to receive your laptop or Chromebook earlier. No worries! We will make sure the laptop or Chromebook is in your possession before the first day of school.

My son or daughter cannot be present at the delivery

No problem, we have taken precautions for such a situation. If your son or daughter cannot be present at the delivery, we will make sure that the laptop will still be delivered as soon as possible. You will receive an email from us with further information.

Can I still order?

You can order all year round, from stock. At the start of the schoolyear we deliver laptops in one take, to all students at the same time. Make sure you order on time!

Do you want to order during the schoolyear? No problem. We deliver your laptop after a few days at school, or at your home address. You will receive an automated email about the delivery or pick-up.

Questions about Order

How do I order a laptop or Chromebook from The Rent Company?

You have decided to order a new laptop at The Rent Company. Great!

Ordering a laptop at The Rent Company is very simple. Your school or educational institution has given you a code. You can enter this code on our order page.

Once logged in, you can choose the laptop and running time that suit you best. You can also order extras, such as an extra charger.

What is the difference between buying and renting?

Whether you rent or buy, a laptop from The Rent Company always comes with the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription. There is no difference in terms of service.

There are, however, a number of other differences:

- When renting, you have the laptop on loan. When you buy it, it is immediately your property

- With renting, you pay a deposit. This deposit is four times the monthly fee. When you return the laptop at the end of the term, you get your deposit back. No deposit is charged when buying a laptop

- In case of renting, you pay a fixed amount per month or per year. When buying, you always pay the full price in one go

Where can I find the code to order a laptop?

Your school or educational institution will give you a code with which you can order. This code can also be found on the flyer you received from your school.

Did you not receive the code or did you lose it? Please contact your school or educational institution, they can give you the code.

Until when can I order a laptop for the new school year?

To be sure we can deliver on time, we ask you to order before 31 July. After this date we can often still have the laptop ready in time for the start of the new school year, but this is something we cannot guarantee. Also the prices as they are in the web shop cannot be guaranteed after 31 July. So order in time!

It is possible to order a laptop at The Rent Company all year long, even when the school year is in full swing. We then estimate a delivery time of 5 to 10 working days.

Can I also order peripherals?

Via your Easy4u account, you can easily and quickly order accessories for your laptop!

Log in by clicking here and go to 'Order'. You will immediately see the right accessories that fit your laptop. The accessories that you order are also directly insured within the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription. That is convenience and security!

Questions about Subscription and Easy4u

What is Easy4u?

Easy4u stands for security. With the Easy4u subscription you are assured that you never have to worry about your laptop or accessory.

When you buy a laptop in combination with the Easy4u package from The Rent Company you are assured of:

- Hardware
- Software
- Service and support
- Damage and theft coverage

Click here for more information.

What can I do with my Easy4u account?

With your Easy4u account, you can easily and quickly:

- Request a repair
- Order accessories
- Ask a question
- View and manage your payments
- Change your details

And much more. Click here to log in immediately. So you have everything under control. That is Easy4u!

Forgot your password or username?

It happens to the best. Click here to go directly to Easy4u's login page and click on 'Forgot username' or 'Forgot password'. We will then immediately send you an email to restore it.

My Easy4u all-in-1 subscription is about to expire. What do I do now?

As soon as the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription expires, you will no longer have any service on your laptop. Which means:
- You can no longer have your laptop repaired by The Rent Company
- There is no more replacement laptop available
- Your laptop is no longer insured in case of damage or theft

If you have bought the laptop, it will remain yours. You can keep using the laptop, but without the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription.

When you have rented the laptop, you can keep or return it. That is how it works:
- If you want to keep the laptop, you don't have to do anything. We keep the deposit and the laptop becomes your property. Just like buying it, you can keep using the laptop, but without the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription.
- If you want to return the laptop, you can arrange that in your Easy4u account, by going to 'Terminate subscription'.

Do you want a new laptop from The Rent Company? We are happy to make you a new offer. Please contact our customer service. So you can continue to enjoy the security of Easy4u!

My son or daughter is leaving school, but my subscription is still running.

When you leave school it is possible to continue your subscription. In that case we ask you to contact us so we can transfer the subscription to a private one. We still offer you the possibility to have your laptop repaired but it is no longer possible to get a loaner laptop.

When your son or daughter leaves school it is also possible to stop the Easy4u subscription. To end the subscription you can log into your Easy4u portal and click on 'End subscription'.

Questions about Repairs and warranties

How can I sign my laptop up for a repair?

Does the laptop need to be repaired despite taking good care of it? Do not worry! You can sign up a laptop for repair quick and easy via your own Easy4u account. Please find a step-by-step instruction below:

1. Log in to your Easy4u account

2. Select 'Report an issue'

3. Select which problem applies (more than one option possible)

4. Please enter the date on which the problem occured and provide a description of the problem and the cause of the problem. We ask you to include all visible damage in your description, even if the damage is not related to the reason of repair.

5. After filling the description box fully and truthfully, select if you agree to the terms and conditions of a repair and select 'Send ticket'. Afterward you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail will provide instructions to send your laptop to us.

6. The laptop or accessory will now be delivered to us and will be inspected and repaired. After the repair, the laptop will be send back to school. We will e-mail you when the laptop is ready to be retrieved at the service counter in school.

IMPORTANT: Make sure all files are stored on a USB-stick or in the "cloud" before handing in your laptop for repair. Files might get lost during repairs.

Are there any costs related to the repair?

With the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription, you are assured of a quick and good repair. In many cases this is free, for example, when there is a factory error or when the laptop no longer works properly due to normal use.

If the laptop is broken due to damage, for example, falling off a table or water damage, we charge a limited deductible amount of 50 euros.

In some cases, when we see that the laptop is broken on purpose, we will charge the full repair costs. Fortunately, this does not happen often. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How long does a repair take?

One thing is certain: When your laptop is broken, you want it back as soon as possible! We try to complete every repair within 10 working days. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. As soon as the laptop is ready for pickup, you will receive a message from us.

With the Easy4u all-in-1 subscription, you get a replacement laptop when your laptop is being repaired. You don't have to miss a minute of class!

My charger is defective, what do I do?

Your charger is an important part of your laptop. After all, you cannot use the laptop without a charger. We therefore want to help you as quickly as possible in case of any issues.

Is your charger broken due to damage, such as water damage, or because your dog has bitten through the cable? Then it is not covered by the warranty, and we recommend that you order a new charger. You can do this in your Easy4u portal.

Is your charger not broken due to damage? Please contact our customer service. They can then help you further, so that you can get back to work as soon as possible!

Am I insured against theft?

When your laptop is stolen, that is of course very bothersome. In some cases, the theft of your laptop is covered by the warranty, in other cases it is not.

When your laptop is stolen, we ask that you first report it to the police. Without a police report, we cannot help you further. You can then send the report to We will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Questions about Products

Which laptops can I choose?

When you log in with the code you received from your school or educational institution you will go directly to your personal webshop. Here you will see the offer that was made together with the school. When you order a laptop or Chromebook from The Rent Company, you can be sure that you always have the right device to get started!

What is the offer based on?

For each student, the school works with The Rent Company to determine which laptops or Chromebooks to choose. This offer is completely tailored to your school trajectory. We then look at several things, such as:

- Does the laptop or Chromebook have enough memory?

- Is the laptop or Chromebook fast enough?

- Does the laptop or Chromebook have other features such as a touchscreen?

On this basis, we make a choice to offer one or more laptops or Chromebooks in the webshop of your school or educational institution. You always make the right choice!

Why an education laptop from The Rent Company?

At The Rent Company, we offer security. Because we select the right laptop or Chromebook together with the school or educational institution beforehand, you always make the right choice. We also deliver all our laptops and Chromebooks in combination with the Easy4u package. Click here to read more about Easy4u!

The laptops and Chromebooks are standard equipped with a rubberized housing, extra sturdy hinges and hardened glass. This way you can be sure that the laptop or Chromebook will withstand the everyday life as a student laptop. Watch the video below to see more about education laptops!


What software is on the laptop?

Windows laptops are fully installed and ready to use. This includes any software applications that have been coordinated with the school or educational institution. This includes at least the following software:

Windows 10 operating system

Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash
Adobe Shockwave
Gimp photo editing software
Gimp video editing software
Java Tools and Runtime
Microsoft .Net Framework
Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox
Microsoft Office 365 pre-install
Microsoft Windows Defender
Quick Time
VLC media player

Please note! We do not provide licenses for the use of Microsoft Office. This is arranged by the school. Therefore, if you privately order a laptop or drop out of school, you must provide it yourself.

Because a Chromebook works through the internet, the apps and programs used are offered to school through the Cloud. This configuration is done through the Google Classroom software that the school manages.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a computer that comes with Google's Chrome OS operating system. The Chromebook takes only a few seconds to boot up and has built-in protection against viruses.

Unlike a normal computer, with a Chromebook everything is stored and processed in the Cloud, a kind of online server. With a Chromebook, therefore, no local storage is needed.

What is G-data?

G-Data is a program that is much more than just anti-virus software. Awarded multiple times as the best product to protect your computer, G-Data stands for security. With G-Data you can surf the Internet carefree, and use options such as the built-in virus scanner, child protection and anti-spam, among others. In addition, your data always remains in Europe!

Questions about Payment

Will I get a credit registration with a rental contract?

No. We believe it is important that all children can participate in digital education. That is why we have ensured that there is no need for verification or registration for credit.

Where can I find my invoices?

To view your invoices, log in to your Easy4u account. Once logged in, click on 'Invoices'. Click here to log in directly.

How do I change my bank account number?

At the moment it is not yet possible to change your IBAN in your Easy4u portal. Should you want to change this data, we ask you to send an email to Please include:

- Name of the student
- Debitor number
- Name of the account holder
- Old IBAN
- New IBAN

Should the IBAN change to someone else's IBAN, please email that person yourself or include them in the CC of the email.

Can I purchase the laptop and pay for it in installments

No, this is not possible. If you want to pay for the laptop in installments, you can rent it. You can then choose either a monthly or an annual payment.

When you purchase a laptop, it always has to be paid at once.

Questions about Technical support

My battery is draining very fast, how come?

As the battery ages, the battery life decreases. Here are a few tips to keep the battery in good condition for as long as possible and not to consume unnecessary power:

-Charge the battery until it is completely full. Only then should you remove the laptop from the charger. Leaving the laptop on the charger all the time, even when it is already full, is also bad for the battery life.

-Set the brightness and contrast of the screen to a lower level.

-Don't run a multitude of programs at once, but rather close them after use.

-Playing games (only during breaks!) consumes a lot of battery power.

If your battery is working so badly that it prevents you from using your laptop optimally, you can submit your laptop for repair. We will then judge what the issue is and, if needed, replace the laptop. There may be costs involved.

My mouse or keyboard is not working. What now??

Below is a step-by-step plan, which you can use to get your mouse or keyboard working again:

1. Turn the computer off completely (Start → Power → Shutdown) and then on again.

2. For a wireless mouse or keyboard, check that the batteries are not dead.

3. Check that the mouse or keyboard works on another computer.

4. For a mouse, try whether it works on a white sheet of A4 paper.

5. Insert a usb stick in the same port of the laptop and check if it works. If not, try another USB port.

6. Check that the antivirus package is not causing a problem.

7. Reboot the computer with mouse and keyboard connected.

Issue not resolved? Perhaps the issue lies somewhere else. For technical support you can contact your customer support.

My webcam is not working, What now?

Below is a step-by-step plan, with which you can get your webcam working again:

1. Turn off the computer completely (Start → Power → Shutdown) and then turn it back on.

2. In Windows, check that the camera is working:
- Click the start button and open the camera application.
- If the camera has an image, the problem is in the other program.

3. Go to Start → Settings → Privacy → Camera and check that Access to the camera for this device is enabled and that the application has access.

4. Check that all drivers are installed by installing Support Assist on a Dell laptop and have the program install the latest updates.

Issue not resolved? Perhaps the issue lies somewhere else. For technical support you can contact your customer support.

My microphone is not working. What now?

Below is a step-by-step plan, which you can use to get your microphone working again:

1. Turn off the computer completely (Start → Power → Shutdown) and then turn it back on.

2. Go to start → settings → system → sound

3. See if under ""Testing your microphone"" the bar moves when you make sound

4. At ""Choose your input device"" check if the right device is chosen there

5. Verify that all drivers are installed by installing Support Assist on a Dell laptop and having the program install the latest updates.

Issue not resolved? Perhaps the issue lies somewhere else. For technical support you can contact your customer support.

My headset or earphones are not working. What now?

Below is a step-by-step plan, which you can use to get your headphones or earphones working again:

1. Turn off the computer completely (Start → Power → Shutdown) and then turn it back on.

2. Check that your headphones themselves have nothing wrong with them:
- Connect your headphones to your cell phone and check that they work then.
- Does your headphone also have a microphone connection via a 4-pin plug; then you can also check if it works by calling your phone.
- If your headphones have a normal stereo jack; then you can check if your cell phone can play music through your headphones.

3. Reboot your laptop with the headphones connected. If it works then, and if you remove the headphones it doesn't, then there is a problem with the drivers. Verify that all drivers are installed by installing Support Assist on a Dell laptop and having the program install the latest updates.

Issue not resolved? Perhaps the issue lies somewhere else. For technical support you can contact your customer support.

My Acer Chromebook 511 won't turn on, what do I do?

If you leave your Acer Chromebook 511 on the charger for a long time, it may no longer turn on. Acer is aware of this and will fix this issue in the next update. Until then, we've found a way around it ourselves:

  1. Connect the charger
  2. Press and hold the POWER and REFRESH button
  3. The laptop will now start up again

If that doesn't work, you can also do a Powerwash. How to do that can be found here

Questions about Covid-19

Will the delivery process be different due to the effects of Covid-19?

The delivery process is not changed by the Covid-19 restrictions. We made arrangements with the school about a swift and safe delivery. After you complete your order, we will send you an e-mail with all the necessary information about the delivery of your order. To make sure that your order reaches you safely, of course we will apply all safety measures during the preparation and delivery!

Will the delivery of my order be delayed?

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, package delivery services may experience some delay. Unfortunately, this may result in a minor delay during the delivery process. Please check the progress and estimated time of delivery via your personal Track-and-Trace code.

Does the The Rent Company expect problems with the order capacity due to Covid-19?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for educational laptops has grown substansively. Therefore, we have ordered the newest devices extra early and expect no issues with our stock.

May the parcel deliverer leave my package at the front door when I am not home?

Don't worry. Under no circumstances will the parcel be left at your front door. It will also not be delivered to your neighbor. If you are not home during the delivery, your package will de delivered to a verified delivery point nearby. In that case, you will receive an e-mail with your pick up information.

Is it safe to send my laptop to The Rent Company for a repair?

Yes. We make sure that all safety and hygiene procedures are followed by all our staff. This also applies to our colleagues in the laptop repair center.

Can I receive a replacement device if the school is closed?

In case a school is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can unfortunately not always issue a replcement device. Luckily, we experience a growing number of schools opening their service counter. Please contact your school to check whether this applies for your school.

Nevertheless, we understand that you will need your laptop back as soon as possible if you cannot use a replacement device during the repair of your device. Therefore, we currently prioritize repairs for which no replacement device was issued.

Is your question not answered here or would you like to speak to an employee?

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