Easy4u for schools

Switching to digital education? Where should we start? Which operating system should we choose? Which laptop is suitable? How do we make it affordable for everyone? And how do we communicate all this to parents?

The Rent Company is happy to help you with the full service Easy4u subscription. Together we go for digital education!

We take the entire logistic process of laptops in the classroom out of your hands. Convenience and security, that's what we stand for!

How do we organize that?

  • We take care of all communication towards parents and pupils. From attendance on open days and a presentation during the information evening, to an order flyer and webshop especially for your school.

  • We arrange the order and delivery of the laptops down to the last detail: on time, by name and with the agreed configuration. To this end, we set up school-specific webshops.

  • Parents can rent or buy the laptop from us. The laptop is specially designed for education. Parents and students can contact our customer service department with all their questions.

  • We go for first-class service. You can always count on expert support from our Sales Support via a separate line for schools.

  • We can advise you on the entire implementation of digital education because we collaborate with partners throughout the chain.

  • Teachers can focus on teaching, and that is the intention!


Do you have questions about your digital project or Easy4u? Then contact our Sales Support department. Our staff is at your service from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What we do

Our mission is to make digital education accessible and affordable for everyone. We do this by means of our full-service Easy4u subscription.

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All-in-one subscription

The pupil and his device? They form an inseparable combination. There is a challenge, however, namely intensive use. That is why the Rent Company offers education laptops in an Easy4u subscription including service. The education laptops are equipped with a sturdy housing, rubber bumpers, extra powerful batteries and the right WiFi card.

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