The Rent Company: your partner for laptops in class

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The Rent Company enables digital learning for pupils and teachers throughout education by offering the Easy4u all-in-one subscription.

The Easy4u subscription gives students with a Chromebook or laptop from The Rent Company access to the electronic learning environment and digital learning methods for a limited monthly fee. Software, service and insurance are included in the subscription, providing complete peace of mind for pupils, parents and teachers.

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Why clients choose us

  • Affordable laptops & accessories
  • Own customer portal
  • Warranty on all our products (including battery)
  • Cover in case of damage & theft
  • Service and central delivery at school
  • A single point of contact

What our clients say about us

The Rent Company supplied us super fast with the laptops we needed to carry out our work and bring innovative education, even in covid times.

Kurt Roosbeek (Miniemeninstituut Leuven)

Thanks to the smooth service of TRC BE, all pupils have their device at their disposal in no time, guaranteeing personalised learning for everyone.

GO! Secundair Onderwijs Lennik

By cooperating with the TRC, we should not worry about the Chromebooks, they sort that out. This allows us to focus on our core business!

Ronny Dreesen (Basisschool Ticheleer)

The Rent Company supplies our students with state-of-the-art devices. The service is excellent. Certainly the extensive theft and damage coverage gives many pupils a good feeling.

Steven De Coster (Immaculata Brugge)

All-in-one subscription

The pupil and his device? They form an inseparable combination. There is a challenge, however, namely intensive use. That is why the Rent Company offers education laptops in an Easy4u subscription including service. The education laptops are equipped with a sturdy housing, rubber bumpers, extra powerful batteries and the right WiFi card.

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